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Q1: How comes device huge power in relatively small size?

A1: Indeed, relatively small sized working body has huge destruction power, up to 100t if needed. This is granted by increased oil pressure up to 1250 bar.
Q2: There is one connecting solution for different machines?

A2:  No. Some machines are a bit different and therefore we might need to adjust our linkage mechanism according to your machine. The mechanism itself consists adapter (mechanical-, hydraulic- and electrical 12V or 24V adapter). We just need to know your vehicle model, year of production, voltage, hydraulic pump pressure and capacity, shovel decline mechanism principle in order to create suitable adapter for you.

Q3: Running maintenance and cost?

A3: Device itself is very dependable and risk for breaking any part or general malfunction is minimal. Also, device comes with no considerable maintenance cost.

If device is in everyday use, please grease via nipples before every workingday starts:

* headcorps two shafts bearings;
* grabs two shafts bearings;
* bearings top of headcorps rotation cylinder;
* bearings top of grabs rotational cylinder on rotational corp;
* bearings top of high-pressure cylindar and verify all bolts/screws.

Appropriate information also comes with specific product manual.

Q4: What can most likely go wrong during exploitation?

A4: Probably a situation, where user destroys device hose during mechanical contact with extra strong and sharp materials (e. g. concrete armature). Such situation can be avoided of course by diligence and experience.

Disabled hoses can be bought from all well-equipped hydraulic stuff vendors all over the world or can be ordered from us. Replacing hoses does not require any extra knowledge and is very easy.

Worth mentioning is also a very rare situation what can happen during the exploitation. If grab takes hold a concrete construction, which has metallic armature on one side and soft concrete on the other, then during crushing process, grab one side (faced to concrete armature) can`t start moving towards other grab top. Because of this, a whole grab will be bended towards metallic armature and risk for injuring grab rotational cylindar occurs. To avoid such cases simply, it is recommended to leave some movement room for cylindars in extreme closed-open postures.

Q5: Model 300 and 500 jaw general technical data?

  DeCrab 300 DeCrab 500
Jaw span (mm) 300 500
Consumable hydraulic pressure (bar) 150 - 200 150 - 200
Consumable oil flow (L/min) 40 - 60 60 - 90
Electric connections 12V, 5A 12V, 5A
Crushing force at jaw points up to (kN) 800 - 1000 800 - 1000
Weight (kg) 350 600

Note: Device can be ordered with 12V or 24V voltages depending on working machine voltage.

Note2: Crushing force at jaw points depends much on machine own oil pressure. If machine is old, with shabby oil pump/oil pressure, then our product oil pressure is also smaller and therefore force is lower. Maximum value indictaed in table is achievable with new machine or with a machine in very good technical condition.
Q6: Device itself does not create extra noise when working?

A6: As demolition device itself uses hydraulic gear constructional principle and does not emit noise when working and fulfills all European Union noise directive 2000/14/EC requirements. Noise is generated only by the machine itself and details falling during crushing.

It is very inefficient to have peripatetic crew with limited power on the job?

Machines are meant to do the job. Effective machine reduces greatly number of required personnel and time spent on job. Save up greatly!

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Demolition and remediation jobs are with high risk, especially indoors?

Risks can be reduced greatly if work gets done by robotics and is controlled by a worker from machines cabin. Protect your workers!

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Rearranging huge demolition devices between locations is costly and consumes a lot of time?

Actually powerful demolition devices can be reasonably sized, transported with e.g. car`s wheelbarrow, attached with machine in minutes and power similar to huge devices is granted. Become mobile!

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Demolition or remediation jobs which require high power in narrow conditions like office rooms, cellars, factory rooms, markets etc are often unreachable for machines and therefore infeasible?

Small machinery can often reach such places but don`t have appropriate gear. Get gear and make it possible!

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Some jobs have limits for noise, dust or vibration emitting and therefore difficult to execute?

Demolition and remediation works can be executed with serious restrictions to noise, dust and vibration. All you need is apposite gear!

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