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De Crab Machines is established with big ambitions to improve significantly demolition and remediation jobs. "De Crab" means demolition crab in English and simply explains our device work principle. Our motto is "Demolition and remediation jobs have never been that easy".

We wish to help out companies who execute demolition or remediation jobs, sell accessories for small machinery or rent out construction appliances. Our device assembling is hand made and carefully tested.

De Crab Machines is lead by three workers: 

Indrek Ploom
Executive, Sales manager, Testing
Phone: (+372) 528 7775
Skype: indrekpl

Martti Veijo Johannes Könönen
Inventor, Constructor, Production manager, Support
Phone: (+358) 443 101 095

Maia Ploom
Lawyer, Bookkeeper
Phone: (+372) 505 1378

It is very inefficient to have peripatetic crew with limited power on the job?

Machines are meant to do the job. Effective machine reduces greatly number of required personnel and time spent on job. Save up greatly!

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Demolition and remediation jobs are with high risk, especially indoors?

Risks can be reduced greatly if work gets done by robotics and is controlled by a worker from machines cabin. Protect your workers!

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Rearranging huge demolition devices between locations is costly and consumes a lot of time?

Actually powerful demolition devices can be reasonably sized, transported with e.g. car`s wheelbarrow, attached with machine in minutes and power similar to huge devices is granted. Become mobile!

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Demolition or remediation jobs which require high power in narrow conditions like office rooms, cellars, factory rooms, markets etc are often unreachable for machines and therefore infeasible?

Small machinery can often reach such places but don`t have appropriate gear. Get gear and make it possible!

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Some jobs have limits for noise, dust or vibration emitting and therefore difficult to execute?

Demolition and remediation works can be executed with serious restrictions to noise, dust and vibration. All you need is apposite gear!

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